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İhlas Motor A.Ş.

İİhlas Motor A.Ş. with its experienced team, professional dealer and service network is ready to represent and make the great sales of JAC MOTORS vehicles in Turkey. This will be easy with its effective media power and the support of 12.000 active marketing personnel throughout the country. İhlas Motor A.Ş. will also be the means of presenting the JAC MOTORS name and its quality in Europe, Middle East and in the Turkish Republics in Central Asia.

One of the TGRT television channels is broadcasting from Europe and the nations of the Middle East and the Turkish Republics in Central Asia view the Turkish channels the most.

İhlas Motor A.Ş.’ factory is in a state of readiness for production. Having a factory gives confidence to the customer and also gives the local image to the product. We believe that İhlas Motor A.Ş. will represent JAC MOTORS the best in Turkey and that JAC MOTORS and İhlas Motor A.Ş. will make a profitable business cooperation in Turkey.